We Specialise In Helping Children Overcome Developmental & Behavioural Challenges

Fiona Luke

Clinical Senior
Occupational Therapist
Director of Thrive Therapy

My name is Fiona Luke an Occupational Therapist who founded Thrive Therapy in 2011.

We all have strengths and challenges and I enjoy working with families and kids to help them grow and develop their skills and potential.

Confidence in trying new tasks, ‘giving it a go’ is important when building everyday tasks.

I have worked for families and children who present with developmental disabilities (Autism, Cerebral Palsy, specific and non-specific learning disorders, Downs Syndrome etc.).

I also work for families and kids without a diagnosis who require support in developing confidence or skill development.

Families and schools often require an external person to assist in problem solving issues related a specific child’s learning and engaging at school.

Generating strategies with your child’s teacher allows a more conducive learning environment with routines, enabling your child to be more engaged at school.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 1999 and I have worked in many different paediatric therapy roles rural and metropolitan across government (Queensland Education, Queensland Health, NHS—United Kingdom) and non-government services.

I have been involved in many multidisciplinary teams where we have assessed, conducted diagnostic formulation and helped families identify key goals for themselves and their child.

I enjoy working as team member with families, parents, teachers, other health and medical professionals and your child.

Our kids are our future and they more so than ever they seem to have the world at their finger tips. I really enjoy working with kids and helping them gain confidence, self control while being creative. We aim to help your child feel comfortable with themselves and just ‘have a go’.

Brisbane Thrive Therapy uses strategies to support skill enhancement while improving kids participation in life’s activities.Fiona Luke
We Empower Kids To ‘Have A Go’ & Interact With Their World.
Be Brave!

How Did We Start... Personal Side to Thrive (What We're Made Of)

I started Thrive Therapy in 2011 when I went part time at my government job and wanted more flexibility. It took a while to get use to working Saturdays but now (while I like the odd Saturday off) I'm very use to it now.

I went into business because I care about the service I provide and I love being creative, finding new ways to use the evidence (best practice) for kids and families so therapy is easy, fun, creative and exciting.

I love being around people and being creative so I'm at your service and the staff that work for Thrive.

I initially started out of my parents spare bedroom at Bunya and when I couldn't really fit myself in there anymore, I moved to a storage shed and worked out of Newmarket (a Kids Physiotherapy Practice) in Brisbane. When the storage shed needed a third size upgrade, it was time to find real estate and Keperra Thrive Therapy was born 2013.

I live upstairs and downstairs has been converted for all the learning, self development and fun.
My neices like to call it the 'house of fun' and Thrive Therapy has been quoted by some kids 'Top 10' favourite places they've been.

My goals now are to continue to develop groups in the business. I really enjoy groups, rocks ripple and magic happens. I am also trying to start a pdf. online business of resources I've developed for kids, families, teachers, other therapists and anyone really.

I love art (although my skills are by no means 'fine tuned' I love to give it 'a go' and make therapeutic information pictorial and available for all.

Information is very powerful and with motivation it can drive people to make shifts.

I'm from a 'Brissy' family (parents 2 brothers), what you see is what you get so don't be afraid to ask me anything if there is something bothering you.. I need to know what's on your mind when we work with you and your child so we can work through the hard stuff. I'm very experienced and love learning and reading to find the best approach to therapy. I have been very lucky to work with some wonderfully experienced people which I feel 'brushed on me', they  have empowered me be like them and  make acute differences to kids and families.

I don't have children myself but am around many of my extended families kids (would love to have children in the future).  I have a fur 'Tiger' who lives upstairs - she won't come downstairs (Just in-case your allergic). 

I try to be up to date with your kids interests and know more than the average adult about mine-craft, trains, Pony's, DC Super Heros, Star Wars and Disney movies/ characters (that was an easy one - my Brother once worked for Disney in London - DVD's were shared). 

So come on over or  I can come and visit your home ( yes we do mobile therapy) and lets start working on helping your child improve in skills and therefore make school, daycare and family life a little easier.

If you have a family member who is involved in your child's care and they do not speak English, let us know so we can arrange interpreters.