Fiona’s Training

The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create men (and women) who are capable to doing new things.Jean Piaget (Developmental Psychologist)

Fiona’s professional development & training… …Supporting evidence informed practice…. so I can use my expert knowledge and experience to help you.

Knowledge for General Assessment and Intervention of Children with or without a Diagnosis
The PRPP (Perceive, Recall, Plan Perform) – System of Task Analysis (Dr. Chris Chapparo and Dr. Judy Ranka)
Handwriting for Written Communication (Dr. Dian Jones)
Visual Perceptual Skills in the Classroom 1-day (Dr. Chris Chapparo)
Occupational Therapists Working with Infants (Queensland Health)
Developing Effective Pretend Play Skills in Children – Professor Karen Stagnitti
Understanding Our Sensory Systems – Proprioception (Dr. Chris Chapparo)
Understanding Our Sensory Systems – Tactile Touch (Dr. Chris Chapparo)
Clinical observations (Lisa Scott & Suzanne Wakefield)
Family Partnerships Training

Toileting Intervention
Behavioural Management for Encopresis and Nocturnal Enuresis in Children (Rebecca Khan)

Feeding Intervention
Picky Eaters vs. Problem Feeders: the SOS Approach
Ellyn Satter 3-day Feeding Conference Sydney– The Feeding Relationship and Eating Competence: Education and Intervention (Ellyn Satter – Ellyn Satter Institute)
Ellyn Satter Feeding Relationship and Eating Components 1-day Brisbane (Ellyn Satter – Ellyn Satter Institute)

Sensory and Emotional Intervention
Sensory Modulation in Mental Health (Ms. Tina Champagne)
Sensory Attachment Intervention – Introduction (Eadaoin Bhreathnach) (1 Day) & Level 1 Training (Tessa Scully) (2 Days)
M.O.R.E Integrating the Mouth with Sensory and Postural Functions
Sensory Tools for Kids (Diana Henry)
Winnie Dunn Sensory Processing

Anxiety & Resilience Intervention
Anxiety: Stress: Resilience in Children: What can Occupational therapy do? (Dr. Chris Chapparo & Dr. Susan Lowe)

Behaviour & Parenting
Triple P trained levels 1-4

Training Specific to Kids Who Present with Dyslexia 
Dyslexia Workshop – Teaching Students (3-day Workshop SPELD)

Training Specific to Kids Who Present with Cerebral Palsy
Post Botulinum Toxin Therapy Workshop (Queensland Health)

Training Specific to Kids Who Present with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
D.I.R. the Developmental, Individual Difference and Relationship Based Model DIR/ Floortime (2-day training, and advanced course)
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Diagnosis and Intervention Workshop 1 (Mater Children’s Hospital)
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Diagnostic Assessment and Treatment (Hearts and Minds Tony Attwood)
Helping Children with Autism Online Learning Package (OT Australia)
ADOS Assessment Training (Monash University)

Developmental Assessment Training
Clinical Capabilities in Child Development – 2011 & 2017

Research Training
Implementing Evidence into Practice (University of Queensland)
Critical Appraisal of Randomised Control Trials (University of Queensland)

Lego Assembly Skills
Very Fun!
Finishing hanging, climbing obstacle courses
Working on this...
Pokemon Enthusiast
I'm Trying
Drawing Skills
I Keep Practising
Giving it 'a go'.. Even if I think I am going to have trouble
You'll Never Know If You Don't Give It a Go