Thrive Therapy FaHSCIA Schedule of Fees 2017

Fee Schedule for Families with Helping Children with Autism and Better Start Packages

FaHCSIA funding requires Thrive Therapy to undertake administration processes to procurer payment of services rendered. Hence, Fees are inclusive of all services.

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment (Up To 1hour 30 mins.) $288

(Includes Report)

School Visit Observational Assessment $200

(Observation, liaison with school staff and written recommendations included)

Therapy Sessions

Standard Session ( 50 – 60 mins.) $155

Group Therapy Sessions (min of 3 children required to run a group) $90

School Visit Therapy Sessions (50-60 mins.) $200

Home Visiting Therapy Sessions (60 min.) $180

School Visit Meetings (60 mins.) $180

Written Reports

Summary Letter $75

(Brief summary of intervention to date, and/ or assessment findings)

FaHCSIA does not cover the cost for non- face to face time, only direct face to face time – Some families have a break from therapy for a shot time once funding has ended. Some families find it helpful to request a summary report letter, at the end of the funding. Please note this is cost incurred by the client.

Resources for your Child

Resources tailored specific for your child Fees apply per item. Resources can be resource and labor intensive. Minimal amount covering cost of materials and labor can be

charged to FaHCSIA

Resources must be discussed and approved by the therapist prior to families $30 Admin fee for each input

purchasing as they are to be used in context of therapy and care plan goals. Admin fee can be charged to

Each input into FaHCSIA administration system (FOFMS) for resources incurs to package

an admin fee. This means either collect a no. of receipts over time for one

input into the FaHCSIA FOFMS system, or request data entry for one receipt

(at point of purchase for timely refund) incurs the same admin fee.

Cancellation Policy

At least 24 hours cancellation notice. Much thoughtful time and effort is put into developing a wonderful experiences for your child, please be courteous with your cancellations. Less than 24 hours notice incurs a $45.00 cancellation fee. FaHCSIA does not cover the costs of cancellation fees, this will be made payable directly to the client.