Fees & Funding

Thrive Therapy is eligible to provide services under a number of government and private health insurance schemes.

Thrive Therapy Fee Schedule

Comprehensive Assessment

One Assessment Session (approx. 1hr -1.5 hrs) + Feedback Session (50 mins)
Two Assessment Session (2nd session 50mins) + Feedback Session

Depending on your child’s needs the assessment maybe over one or two sessions. To gleen your child’s best potential it is sometimes best to run the assessments over two sessions.The fee includes a feedback session to go over assessment results with yourself so you can fully understand your child’s strengths and difficulties. We will also direct you as to whether further allied health clinicians need to be referred.

One Area of Assessment

Handwriting Assessment Session (1 hr) + feedback and recommendations (50 mins)
Sensory Assessment inc. Discussion (1 hr) + feedback and strategies (50 mins)
Feeding Assessment Session + feedback and recommendations (1.5 hours)
Toileting issues Assessment and interview with Child and Parent (1.5 hours)

As a parent you may just want to look at area specifically and grab some key strategies to get you going on the right track. Sometimes the Occupational Therapist may identify some other areas that may need looking at and we are happy to let you know if we think further assessment or referral to another clinician is required.

Home or School Observational Assessment

Home Assessment/ Session (50 mins.)
School/ Day Care/ Kindy Observational Assessment (50 mins)

If you like coming into the clinic, at least one home visit session is great for you and the therapist to look at you child in the home and see how they move around and what is already available at home to help your child develop their skills. Lots of simple ideas come from both parent and clinician looking at ways to set the home up better to maximise incidental learning and development.

School/Kindergarten/ Day Care Visits are also great to observe your child to see if your child is engaging well with their peers and the activities. Occupational Therapist are great at looking at what specifically your child is struggling with and then identifying how to improve the situation. Invaluable form of assessment.

If your paediatrician needs an allied health clinician to observe the child at school/ Kindy/ Childcare we are also able to provide a school observational assessment to help them determine a diagnosis (Please note, a report fee may apply in this situation).

Treatment Sessions

Clinic Treatment Sessions
(50 mins)
Mobile Home Treatment Sessions
(40 mins) $170
(60 mins) $200
School Treatment Sessions
(30mins) $150
(45 mins) $ 180

BUT If we visit 3 or more children on one day @ your school
(30 mins) $90
(45 mins) $110

Reports and Correspondence To Other Medical and Clinicians Involved

Assessment Report Full Multiple Pages
Following Comprehensive Assessment (Results & Analysis) with Strategies
Summary Page Report -Short One Page Summary
Summary Email of One Page
One Page of Assessment Results Only – No Explanation or Analysis

One Page Letter to Paediatrician/ Gp or Allied Health Professional
Phone Calls are Included in Full Comprehensive Assessment Phase.
Phone Calls and Emails…. otherwise to yourself, educators and other involved clinicians pro rata $65/hr


We like to use resources that will support your child’s development.

Most of them have been printed and made specifically for your child.

There will be a fee for these however it will be very minimal and costed to be able to recoup funds to restock what was used so we can help other children.

We are dedicated to making shifts in your child’s life and even when you are not with us we often working and thinking about the best possible support and assistance to make changes in your child’s life.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Most private health insurance ‘extras’ policies will cover part of you allied health therapy for a certain period of time every year. Please check with your private insurance provider.

We have electronic services linked to a large number of private health insurances.

For the full private insurance electronic linked list click here.


We are registered with FaHCSia and will be registered with the NDIS.

We are dedicated to help you reach your child’s goal and aspirations and meet your child’s needs and objectives layed out by your child, yourself with guidance from your NDIA Planner.

Watch this space regarding extra ideas and information on planning for your child’s future.

FaHCSIA Fee Schedule is different to the Standard Fee Schedule to accommodate for government requirements. NDIS Fee Schedule is in accordance with the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Click Here to Review FaHCSIA Fee Schedule.

Click Here to Review NDIS Fee Schedule.

To check If your child is eligible to use the below funding packages, please contact you General Practitioner (for Medicare Packages) or your Paediatrician to ascertain eligibility for FaHCSIA funding packages.

Do you need support from a person or equipment to participate in everyday activities?
Or does your young child have challenges that greatly impact them and stop them form engaging and participating in life?

To help determine if you or your child is eligible visit www.ndis.gov.au


Medicare Packages such as the ‘Chronic Disease Management Plan’ can be sort through your GP. Two developmental issues or general living challenges are required to have been affecting your child’s life for 6 months or longer. Daily living Challenges could be restricted eating patterns, toileting, sleep behavioural concerns and or difficulty managing social in the playground at daycare.