Standard Fee Schedule 2017

Standard Fee Schedule

Initial Assessment

Initial Assessment (Up To 1hour 30 mins.) $200

School Visit Observational Assessment $200

(Observation, liaison with school staff and written recommendations included)

Pre prep (kindy screen); School readiness going into grade one (30-40 mins.) $70

Therapy Sessions

Standard Session (50 – 60 mins.) $130

Short Session (Up to 30 mins.) $100

Short sessions – mainly for toileting intervention only

Long Session (60-90 mins.) $168

Group Therapy Sessions (min of 3 children required to run a group) $70

School Visit (50-60 mins.) $200

(50-60 mins. if 3 or more kids at the same school on the same day) $130

Therapy Phone Consultation with caregivers $135/hr

Written Reports

Comprehensive Report $190

(Includes assessment results, analysis of observations and recommendations)

Handwriting Skills Analysis Report (short) $110

Sensory Profile Analysis Report (short) $110

Summary Letter $75

(Brief summary of intervention to date, and/ or assessment findings)

Resources for your Child

Resources tailored specific for your child Fees apply per item. Resources can be resource and labor intensive. Minimal amount covering cost of materials and labor.

Cancellation Policy

At least 24 hours cancellation notice. Much thoughtful time and effort is put into developing a wonderful experience for your child, please be courteous with your cancellations. Less than 24 hours notice incurs a $45.00 cancellation fee.

Payment Options
•Credit Card – Download – Credit card Authorisation form.pdf
•Direct Transfer
•Pay pal
•Payment at Thrive Therapy clinic