Thrive Therapy Vision

To inspire confidence and resilience in your child as they persevere & engage in life’s activities.

Thrive Therapy families are active participants during therapy.

We aim to support your child to: -

  • Develop their everyday life skills. Help you with structuring morning routines and systems to help your child get dressed and fed before making it to school on time.
  • Enhance their developmental milestones and the social emotional skills
  • Enable them to thrive in opportunities presented in therapy.

Our staff provide supportive and motivational activities that challenge them to practice coping skills and improve performance.

We also like to help you work through your parent related goals. Goals specific to: -

  1. you and your child's needs and goals.
  2. you and your child's relationship.

Ways in which we like to support you as caregivers include helping you to: -

  • Use your strengths as wonderful parents.
  • Continue to nurture, bond and enjoy life with your little one.
  • Work with us to build and understand your child’s strengths
  • To work with us to understand your child's developmental challenges. Challenges that maybe affecting you child’s ability to participate in certain activities.
  • Find ways to connect with your child
  • Think about how to set up your home, school and child care environments. To make activities run more smoothly for you and your child.
  • Continue to ‘hang in there’ and know that sometimes when it comes to children, teens and engaging in activities that there are good days and bad. ‘Picking your battles’ one challenge at a time.

When overwhelmed, contacting an allied heath professional who specialises in child development is  the first step to moving forward. Thrive Therapy clinicians can help you monitor this progress.