We Will Help You and Your Child Decide The Right Pathway For You

We Specialise In Helping Children Overcome Developmental, Behavioural, Social & Confidence Challenges.

Thrive Therapy is a paediatric occupational therapy service especially for children who experience difficulty participating in their daily lives.

Thrive Therapy

We will help you work out what is going on for your child and help you make a difference for your child. We look at how your child is participating in activities, their skills and ability to learn new skills to help you pin point the key concern. We can help you decide on the type of intervention. Whether that be strategies to build into your family life, or more direct skill development to help you child engage confidently in school and community tasks. We can help you understand your child’s strengths, and how strengths far out weight their challenges.

My name is Fiona Luke, owner of Thrive Therapy and I enjoy helping kids and families make 'a shift' and move forward in:-

  1. Understanding what is going on for your child.
  2. Working out what to do next. To help your child function better at home, child care, or school.
  3. Learning how to navigate the government systems and therapies to get the best possible help in the most cost effective way.

Every child is different. We enjoy helping children with or without a diagnosis. We have the skills and are dedicated to developing individualised therapy that will tap into your child's motivations and aid improvement in their developmental milestones and their practical and social emotional skills.

The types of kids we specialise in with a diagnosis include:

• Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
• Down Syndrome
• Developmental Delays, or
• Challenges or concerns with general development
• Anxiety
• Social / emotional Issues
• Cerebral Palsy
• Genetic Syndromes
• Behavioural and Emotional disorders
• Attachment Reactive Disorder
• Oppositional Defiant Disorder
• Sensory Issues
• Developmental Dyspraxia
• Sensory Processing Issues affecting ability to participate in activities
• Learning Difficulties
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• Physical Disabilities
• Vision and hearing Impairment

We are experienced and highly trained staff. We use evidence based practice to educate you and assist your child. We keep up to date on current research particularly in the areas of Autism, Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Anxiety.

Therapy is fun and exciting at Thrive. We like to build resilience and confidence in your child through activity. We use play based activities that are intrinsically motivating to build a ‘just right’ for your child so they can make gains that are attainable. We would like to help you ‘grow’ your child’s skills and potential ‘bit by bit’ while keeping them happy and motivated in the activities.

Kids and parents are cool!
We pride ourselves on partnering with you and schools to get your child moving forward in the right direction.
Let’s start the journey together.

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Not sure who to see… What to do… Who to see first….
Fiona has lengthy experience in working with children and various professionals.
We can guide you… Need help with NDIS… We can help you.

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